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2022 Late-Season HWM Mapping

With this summer’s environmental conditions, many of Wisconsin’s lakes had a banner year for Eurasian watermilfoil (EWM) and hybrid EWM (HWM) growth.  Unfortunately, Cloverleaf Lakes was no exception to this.  EWM/HWM continues growing throughout the season, typically at its highest population level towards the end of the summer.  Please review the attached map from our lakes advisor, Onterra Consulting, to illustrate where we are now.

Cloverleaf Lakes Onterra Consulting Mapping of Invasives September 2022



DRAFT Cloverleaf Lakes Protective Association bylaws version 2

CLPA members can expect to receive a letter in the mail with postage-paid return card to record your vote.  If you have questions, please contact Jeff Casperson, CLPA Secretary at

Thank you to our great community and all who helped with and enjoyed wonderful 2022 Independence Day celebrations!
The CLPA extends our gratitude to our members who volunteered over the holiday weekend, Cloverleaf Lakes Fireworks Inc, the CENEX gas station in Embarrass for the popsicle donation, Barry Hosking, the Town of Belle Plaine fire department individuals who volunteered their time and showed off their equipment, and the neighbors who kept an eye out to keep our paraders safe from car traffic.


Keep an eye out!  Diver flags on the Cloverleaf Lakes are part of invasive weed cleaning effort.



The next CLPA Board Meeting is planned in-person on Sunday, November 13, 2022 at 7:00pm in-person.  Please contact Jessica for details.

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